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Pokemon GO Update: New Nearby Tracker ?Pokemon Sightings? Released On Android & iOS

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Pokemon GO update

Niantic is slowly picking up the pieces of their broken game. A recent Pokemon GO update gave a subset of users an overhauled Nearby tracking feature, meaning that a Pokemon tracker is on the way. Since Niantic didn?t fully detail the new ?tracker? there?s a good chance that a lot of players are still guessing as to how it actually works.

The new Pokemon Nearby feature; now called Sightings, ?doesn?t exactly determine the location of a Pokemon, but instead works better as to update the player on what creatures are nearby. Redditors on this Silphroad thread show off their experiences with the Pokemon Sightings.

With the new feature opened in-app, players will notice that each Pokemon will have a grassy background. As time progresses, less and less Pokemon will appear in the feature because according to one player ?the game [no] longer caches every Pokemon you see; instead, it aggressively updates the list and removes Pokemon that are either expired or too far away.? This means that the Pokemon will be removed from Sightings when it is no longer within reach. The distance of the new feature is apparently 200m, any further than that, and the Pokemon disappears from Pokemon Sightings.

Players are reporting that the new tracker updates its Pokemon list much much quicker. Although it doesn?t pinpoint the exact location of the Pokemon unlike PokeVision, it?s a good start and could save players a lot of time thanks to the Pokemon GO update.


The comments section on this Pokemon GO Reddit thread also shows positive remarks. Players are commenting that Pokemon that despawn or are too far away are instantly removed from Sightings and it saves them the trouble of having to go to a Pokemon that?s no longer there. We can expect a tracker anytime this month now with Niantic finally moving to update Pokemon GO.

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