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Pokemon GO Update: New Eevee Evolutions Coming Soon?

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Pokemon GO Update

Pokemon GO is certainly among the most played mobile games in the entire world since it was released. The blockbuster hit from Niantic Labs has reignited the interest of people in becoming real world Pokemon trainers. While the game is already fun as it is, an upcoming Pokemon GO update could make it even more interesting. This is because it is rumored that new Eevee evolutions could be arriving with an upcoming update.

At the moment, Eevee has three possible evolutions in Pokemon GO: Volteon, Vaporeon and Flareon. There is a very popular trick that you can even try to help you choose which particular evolution your Eevee will turn into. Sadly, those three are the only ones available in the Pokemon GO.

New Eeveelutions Coming

Pokemon GO Update

Well, it appears that this could very well change very soon as there are rumors that additional Eevee evolutions could arrive with a future Pokemon GO update. GameNGuide reports that two possible Eevee evolutions could be introduced in the coming weeks or months.

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This is definitely a very exciting update that many Pokemon GO players will be looking forward to. Eevee is certainly one of the most popular Pokemon and having more possible evolutions for it become available will really be great.

The addition of the new Eevee evolutions is certainly coming at a perfect time for Pokemon GO. Players have been asking for more Pokemon to be added to the game as it has become somewhat stagnant over the past months. There has not been a major update yet and many players have stopped playing it because of this reason.

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New Updates Coming

Thankfully, Niantic Labs is listening to its players as it has made several changes to try and keep its users engaged. It held Halloween and Thanksgiving special events, which have been pretty successful to say the least. Also, it is planning to add 100 Gen 2 Pokemon very soon.

With the upcoming changes to Pokemon GO, players will surely get hooked to the game altogether. Be sure to check back here soon as we will bring you everything that you need to know about the latest Pokemon GO updates as well as other trending topics in the world of gaming.

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