Pokemon GO Update: Game Gets Rare Tributes In Japan From Manga Artists Via Rare Photos

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Pokemon GO Update

Pokemon GO update: Last July 22, Pokemon GO finally hits home in Japan. Japanese fans are going wild playing the game that even our favorite manga artists are joining the craze. Here are Pokemon Go tributes from ONE, creator of One Punch Man web manga and Mob Psycho 100; Yoshitoshi Abe, creator of Serial Experiments Lain; Sui Ishida, creator of Tokyo Ghoul; Kotoyama, creator of Dagashi Kashi; Kazuki Takahashi, creator of Yu-Gi-Oh; and more!?

From ONE?s twitter account:

Here is Lord Dimple (small version) from Mob Psycho 100 with a poke-ball.

Here is Mob, ready to catch a butterfly? and Reigen in full pokemon get-up. ( Mob Psycho 100):

Yoshitoshi Abe?s Nausicaa – inspired pokemon art. Nausicaa is one of Studio Ghibli?s animated films.

Sui Ishida is also playing Pokemon GO and shows his progress in an artistic, Tokyo-Ghoul, way.

Here is the full illustration.

Pokemon GO Update

Sui Ishida – Pokemon Art

Here is Dagashi Kashi?s Kotoyama with his anime girl sketches in a Pokemon get up.

Yu-Gi-Oh?s Kazuki Takashi created a three -part post on Instagram with Yu-Gi-Oh characters playing Pokemon Go. He called it Yu-Gi-Oh Go Battle City Now.

Pokemon GO update

screen cap of kazuki_yugioh instagram

Also joining the craze and doing the Pokemon GO art tribute is Fire Emblem: Awakening character designer Yusuke Kozaki. ANN reported that he released a Pokemon GO themed image on his twitter page in homage to the game?s release. Kozaki is not just a fan of Pokemon GO, he also worked on some of the game?s character designs.

In time with its Japanese release, the Pok?mon Company Japan also released a video with Junichi Masuda of Game Freak and John Hanke of Niantic explaining the vision of the game with a few tips on how to enjoy it fully and safely. Watch it here.

Now let?s play a game! Here are Pokemon characters drawn by various manga artists. Can you guess the artist for each character? Post your answers on the comments section below.

Pokemon GO Update


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