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Pokemon GO Update: Major Changes Arriving In Sept. 5 Update? Legendary Pokemon, VR Support, Trading Feature Proofs Found

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Niantic is pegged to release a new Pokemon GO update in the starting week of September. Speculations indicate a major update is being prepared.

Pokemon GO was launched on July 6 and since the Niantic has released five updates to the game. However, the next update is expected to bring along major new features.

Some of the changes that are expected to come in the next update include new tracker for finding Pokemon, a new Pokemon trading feature and introduction of legendary. Reddit users have found by digging the game?s code that Niantic is preparing to introduce these features.

Trading Feature

Reddit users have found codes like ?Trade_search? and ?Trade_offer? in Pokemon GO?s code. It suggests that a new feature may arrive soon that will make it possible to find those Pokemon that other players want to trade. Hence, players will be able to list their Pokemon for trading.

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Legendary Pokemon

Evidence of Legendary Pokemon have also been found. The appearance of ?activity_catch_legend_pokemon? in the game?s code seems to be a proof that a major update will allow players to catch rare and Legendary Pokemon.

Buddy Pokemon

Another feature that is expected to arrive is the ability to select and assign a Pokemon as buddy for the trainer. The Pokemon will assist by following the trainer and by collecting candies to evolve.

Special Incense

The upcoming Pokemon GO update is likely to bring a new type of Incense. By using this new Pokemon, players will be able to attract particular Pokemon to a desired location.

VR Support

A VR folder with reference to Google CardBoard has been spotted in Pokemon GO?s code. It indicates that players will soon enjoy the game in VR.

New Pokemon Tracker

Nearby feature that did not function properly was recently axed from the game. However, Niantic has released an improved edition of Nearby tool for tracking Pokemon in the vicinity to limited number of players. Since Niantic is testing the feature with handful of players, the feature is expected to be available in the next update.

The next Pokemon GO update is expected to be available on Sept. 5. There is no confirmation on whether all the aforementioned features will arrive on the next update. However, it is certain that Niantic is preparing to introduce features at the right time when there are reports about decline in the popularity of the game.

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