Pokemon GO Update: List Of All Undocumented Changes On Android & iOS

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has seen numerous updates since its launch last month. However, there are some changes that weren?t detailed in Niantic?s patch notes. Here are the undocumented changes in the Pokemon GO update.

Pokemon GO Update Brings Fixes You May Have Not Heard Of

First off, the ?Grimer glitch? that was plaguing some players seems to have been partially remedied. The problem occurs when hatching a Grimer via a Pokemon Egg. During such time, the Pokemon GO app freezes, and from that point on, trying to view the Grimer in your collection will result in the same freezes and crashes.

On the Silph Road subreddit, some players have reported that the bug no longer troubles them after the latest Pokemon GO update, while the others said that the glitch was fixed prior to that. There are still a few who say that the problem continues to persist, so stay tuned for further updates.

Another change you may not have noticed is the new egg hatching log. Now, every egg that you successfully bring to maturity will be listed in your journal, a nice quality-of-life fix that you?ll definitely appreciate. Players riding in vehicles will also welcome the new ?I?m a Passenger? feature.

The latest patch has also seen Niantic quietly roll out its overhauled Pokemon tracking system to select players. The developer didn?t share exactly what the criteria was for determining the players who get to roadtest the new feature, but it should be available to everyone in the near future. So far, feedback from the lucky trainers who got selected has been positive.

?The point is, if something rare and amazing did appear, I probably would have been able to actually find it. If you can find a ?Sighted? Nidoran, you can find a Scyther, if it spawns,? says Forbes? Paul Tassi.

Do you know other undocumented changes from the Pokemon GO update? Feel free to share them in the comments below. For more Pokemon GO news, keep it right here on TheBitBag.

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