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Pokemon GO Update: Legendary Pokemon To Arrive Before 2017 Ends

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Pokemon GO Legendary Pokemon could be the next update

Ever since gamers started playing Pokemon GO last year, for sure they were looking forward to catching their very own legendary Pokemon. However, to their dismay, those creatures were not available in the game even after some major updates were released. Luckily, Niantic Lab recently confirmed that legendaries will finally roll out before 2017 ends.

In a recent interview with WIRED Germany, CEO John Hanke shared that they are still working on these legendary Pokemon. He then mentioned that the company already has a plan for it and will be arriving by 2017. However, the CEO did not mention any specific date of release, which makes the information still questionable.

Hanke even stated that there are still things that need to be addressed before Niantic Lab could add the legendaries. “There are couple of areas that need to be improved – one of them being playing together and gym battles. We released those in an incomplete state,” the CEO said as reported by Ubergizmo. “We knew from Ingress that cooperation and planning can be a lot of fun. When people have a common goal, then that’s a strong incentive to meet up with friends or even with people you don’t know.”

Previous reports stated that there are upcoming major updates in the game. One of those could feature the addition of the legendary creatures. But similar to what they did to the normal ones, gamers should expect that Generation 1 legendaries will go live first. For now, let us wait for further announcements from the company.

Pokemon GO Trading Feature

Aside from these legendary Pokemon, trainers also want Niantic Lab to add the trading feature in the game. It is one of the best features in the previous Pokemon games that help players collect other creatures by connecting with other trainers. However, a Reddit thread revealed that the feature is “not top priority right now as other issues are taking precedence.”

Also, in a recent Polygon interview with Niantic’s senior product manager Tatsuo Nomura, he mentioned that instead of solving problems, the trading feature would kill the game. “I wasn’t really thinking of trading as a way to solve the local area spawn issue… we have a couple Pokemon that only spawn in a couple regions, and that was the hope, that some Pokemon you have to know someone or find someone who lives in certain regions and meet and exchange,” Nomura said.

The senior product manager also stated that their company does not want Pokemon GO to become an online game where gamers can just exchange Pokemon virtually. On a good note, the possibility of the feature being added to the game is still open. According to Nomura, if ever they would add the feature, it would only be available for trainers that are only 100 miles away from each other.

For now, Niantic has yet to confirm the arrival of both the legendary Pokemon and the trading feature. Hopefully, they would soon release a statement regarding these matters. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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