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Pokemon GO Update: All Leaked Changes Coming Next Week

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Pokemon GO Update

Players were very quick to data mine the APK of Pokemon GO v. 0.49.1. This is likely because of the anticipated big event next week. The recent Pokemon GO data mine courtesy of The Silph Road is the meatiest of all data miners as there are a lot of codes that tease exciting features coming to the game. Here are the the features possibly coming to the Pokemon GO update next week.

Gen 2 Confirmed?

There are no newly discovered sprites for Pokemon GO gen 2 in the recent APK. However, dataminers have uncovered audio files for the next 100 Pokemon. While this does not confirm that gen 2 is coming next week, it still increases the chances of seeing more Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon Genders And Shiny Pokemon

The code reveals that there will be gender assortment for the Pokemon in the upcoming Pokemon GO update. We have yet to know if the gender will affect stats in any way, but it is still something to look out for when the update arrives.

Moreover, Shiny Pokemon variants have also been discovered in the Pokemon GO leak. Shiny variants are extremely rare recolored version of Pokemon. They are not more powerful than their counterparts, but they are certainly geared towards collectors as they come by very seldomly.

Avatar Customization

Also, the Pokemon GO files are codes for Avatar Customization. Players will be able to change their avatar?s hair, shirt, pants, hat, shoes, eyes and backpack. The items will be categorized into four; Sale, New, Purchasable and Unlockable. This means that some of the items can be bought using real money, while some can be unlocked.

Buddy Position

With the next update, the Pokemon GO Buddy system will have a new position called Baby. However, players have yet to know what exactly this means. What the data miners do confirm is that the new Buddy position is not related to Breeding and the Baby Pokemon rumored to come with gen 2.

More Sponsors

New sponsor logos have also been uncovered. Joining spatula, thermometer and knife are grill and smoker logos.

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