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Pokemon GO Update: Latest Patch Arrives; There Could Be No Holiday Event Addition

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Pokemon GO Update
Pokemon GO Update

Pokemon GO did a great job during the last Pokemon GO event last Halloween. Niantic even managed to bump the number of active players during the whole event. This promotion also made many regular Pokemon GO players very hopeful about the aging mobile game with the hopes of newer and better events to come. And of course, what better time to roll out another big holiday event than Christmas?

Unfortunately, a Pokemon GO Christmas event may not happen after all. The latest Pokemon GO Update patch is already out and it appears that there?s no new holiday event? Needless to say, many players were not pleased.

Where Is It?

There have been many well grounded rumors about the upcoming Christmas event, but the latest update has seemingly dashed it all away. Niantic has just pushed out a new patch for Pokemon GO.

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However the patch does not include the much anticipated holiday event. The patch was released to fix several annoying bugs in the game to improve gameplay. Unnecessary vibrations are now a thing of the past. The day and night cycle will be right for players now, since the date and time has been corrected.

Sure the bug fixes are always welcome, but it’s Christmas time! Players were obviously expecting much more from Niantic.

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Not to mention, the community?s expectations for the event were raised quite a bit with the appearance of Santa Hat Pikachu. People were pretty sure that it was the beginning of the highly anticipated Christmas event. Sadly, this was not the case.

There?s still a few more days left before Christmas. Who knows, maybe Niantic is still holding back on the event till the last minute. We might just see a Christmas miracle happen in Pokemon GO soon. Till then, let just try and enjoy the bug fixes.?

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