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Pokemon GO Update: Key Features The New ?Sightings? Tracker Lacks

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The latest Pokemon GO update may be Niantic?s saving grace, and it did somehow save the game from being a complete flop, thanks to the new and improved tracker called Pokemon Sightings. The tracker is still in its early stages, and while it?s not as impressive as PokeVision or other third-party web apps, it?s still a pretty big help to players. The new tracker will soon allow players to get a bird?s-eye view of the specific location of the Pokemon, however, there?s still a number of features missing that makes it feel lacking compared to the third party trackers available before.

The update is one of the first steps Niantic is taking to finally get the game together. One key feature that fans want though is a way to show the exact location of the Pokemon on the map and the upcoming tracker will add this as the landmark of nearby a Pokemon will now shown be on the tracker.

Another important feature missing from Pokemon Sightings is a despawn timer. This feature was part of PokeVision and fans were very appreciative of it as it showed them if a place will still have the Pokemon if they travelled to it. It saved players a lot of time as they got to plan out Pokemon runs more precisely.

Since Pokemon Sightings is still in the early stages, we can expect a few more improvements to it probably within the month. Some of the expected improvements are more accurate results and even real-time results.

We can expect the Pokemon GO update within the month as there are a lot more features being prepared for the game. We?ve still yet to see some of the missing Pokemon and even the Trade feature, so Niantic might be working at a better pace to make sure that the tasks don?t pile up and features can roll out more quickly and smoothly.

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