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‘Pokemon GO’ Update Adds Mew: Here’s How to Catch It

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Pokemon GO Update
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Pokemon GO is now making a comeback once more thanks to the inclusion of the one and only Mew. As some fans may be aware, the latest Pokemon GO update now brings legendary Pokemon Mew to the fore. However, players will have to work for it, as obtaining Mew comes with its own set of tasks to accomplish. Here’s what you need to know.

Pokemon GO Update Adds Mew

The recent Pokemon GO update introduces quests into the game. Referred to as “Research” assignments, these quests involve several tasks which range from catching certain Pokemon to spinning Pokestops. Notably, one type of quest is known as “Special Research.” It is through this kind of assignment that players will be able to work their way towards obtaining Mew.

How to Obtain Mew in Pokemon GO

To access Special Research, simply tap on the small binocular icon located at the lower right-hand corner of your phone screen. This is where the Weather icon used to be. Upon accessing the Special Research tab, a cutscene featuring Professor Willow will play, informing you of his new venture which will prompt the pursuit for a Mew. Known as “A Mythical Discovery,” the Special Research quest involves several steps which include a set of objectives each.

The list of objectives needed to be accomplished per step is as follows:

Step 1

– Spin five Pokestops

– Catch 10 Pokemon

– Transfer five Pokemon

Step 2

– Farm 2 candies walking with your buddy

– Make 10 Great Throws

– Hatch 3 Eggs

Step 3

– Reach Level 15

– Battle in a Gym two times

– Battle in two raids

Step 4

– Earn a silver Kanto medal

– Evolve 20 Pokemon

– Earn five candies walking with your buddy

Step 5

– Catch Ditto

– Make 20 Great Throws

– Catch 10 Ghost Pokemon

Step 6

– Reach Level 25

– Battle 10 Raids

– Evolve a Magikarp

Step 7

– Catch 50 Pokemon using a berry

– Make 1 Excellent Curve Throw

– Earn a Gold Kanto medal

Step 8

– Catch Mew

By completing all of the first seven steps, players will finally be able to catch Mew as the quest’s final task. The amount of objectives that need to be accomplished may seem a little daunting, especially with the more challenging tasks such as evolving a Magikarp or catching Ditto in the wild. However, considering how coveted a Pokemon Mew is, it seems almost fitting that the road to catching it is paved with several challenges.

The Pokemon GO update to bring in Mew is also special not just because of its reward, but for the fact that it includes a set of specific tasks to achieve. Previous high-level rewards involved random actions in order to be triggered or obtained, so the Special Research quest comes as a sigh of relief for many longtime players of the mobile game.

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