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Pokemon GO Update: Hidden Changes In Adventure Week Patch

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Pokemon GO Update
Source: The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded! video

The new Pokemon GO event, called Adventure Week, just started recently and players have access to quite a few new bonuses already. The new event came in an update which players are currently enjoying. However, players have also discovered a few hidden changes in the recent Pokemon GO update.

The Adventure Week event is now available and this time around, the stars of the event are none other than the Rock-type Pokemon. Aside from the list of bonuses, players have discovered other changes that Niantic didn’t speak of when releasing the update. Although the hidden changes aren’t major, they’re still pretty neat to have around.

New PokeStop Message

Redditor Cal_From_Cali shares that there’s a new PokeStop message that can be found when approaching PokeStops. The new PokeStop message is “Walk Closer To Interact” and while it doesn’t add any major change to the game, it at least instructs players to come closer to a PokeStop just in case it doesn’t activate immediately.

Players are speculating that the new message is just the tip of something bigger. Niantic might soon release another update that adds more instructive and helpful messages to the game. This new change wasn’t found in any of the datamines either so players were really caught of guard.


One of the Pokemon with a sudden increase in appearance on maps is the Rock-Type Larvitar. Redditor iDareki notes that his city was flooded with Larvitars. The Larvitars even reached up to 40 at one point. However, the number of the Pokemon suddenly decreased and it’s now to a point that there are no more Larvitars around.

Silph Road’s Dronpes somewhat explains the sudden deflation in the number of Larvitars found in the maps. “Larvitar was initially over-abundant, and was quickly reduced back to being uncommon. Slugma is included in the increased spawns,” he notes. As of now, we’ve yet to know exactly why Niantic reduced the number of Larvitar spawns.

Aside from the increased number of spawns, the new event also gives players more items at every PokeStop, more Poke Balls, additional Candies from Buddy Pokemon, and many more. Players are still scouring the recent Pokemon GO update for more hidden changes. There might be more minor and major changes right under our noses. For now, it’s best to just enjoy the new event and simply look online for other discovered hidden changes.

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