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Pokemon GO Update: Gym Bug Fixed By Niantic

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Pokemon GO

The latest Pokemon GO update released by Niantic has fixed the gym bugs, Niantic confirmed today. Some users were unable to access Gyms due to these issues, and some players also reported that the gyms were not showing Pokemon. The developer earlier admitted the issues, asking fans to wait for a fix as the team was working on the update.

On Twitter, Niantic confirmed that they?ve fixed the gym bugs, and now the trainers can now participate in combat and take down gyms. Many players reported that they were not able to find any Pokemon in gyms. It was also said that the issue occurred due to the Grimer bug. But when the iPhone users started experiencing the same Pokemon GO gym bugs, it became clear that the issue is not only limited to the Grimer bug because players on iOS didn?t have such problems.

In the official statement, Niantic has not shared any specific details regarding how the issues occurred. However, the company has assured fans that the gym bug doesn?t exist anymore. Niantic has also reported that its servers are affected by?third party apps which is similar to DDoS attacks. The company reminds players not to use third party apps to support the developers and keep their accounts safe.

Some players successfully fixed the bug by restarting their phones, but the trick didn?t work for many. For many days, players struggled with these problems and were waiting for Niantic?s take on the issue. Later Niantic responded to fans and now it has fixed the problems. The company has not shared any details about the upcoming updates. But it seems that the issues were on the servers and the company resolved them without releasing any patch.

Niantic has released many updates for Pokemon GO in the last two months. The company has been actively addressing problems, banning suspicious accounts and eliminating the threat from third party apps. However, there are still many bugs in the game. Fans are confident though that the company would hear them out and bring the solutions swiftly.

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