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Pokemon GO Update: Gym Battle Tweaks Punishes Button Mashers

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Another few weeks have passed by, which means a new Pokemon GO update. Niantic has been making and releasing these like hotcakes, usually to some acclaim, but sometimes to anger. Since this update is focused on Pokemon Gym battles, reactions to this one should be interesting. Battles haven’t always been a huge topic for fans, at least not in recent memory.

Some tweaks have been made so that battles can be smoother. Fans have noticed some delayed moves before, so this update seems to have focused on that. While the speed hasn’t been increased, the amount of dead air has been dramatically cut. Basically, battles have less awkward moments of nothing happening, according to fans on Reddit.


Players can now buffer a move of one of their Pokemon. Both the quick and charged attack can be buffered. Basically, buffering an attack will allow players to execute attacks right after certain actions. Squirtle will be able to shoot a water gun right after dodging, for example. It’s a unique addition to this Pokemon GO update.

Buffered attacks might actually be a welcome change. It lets the players become more strategic and reduces the amount of dead time in battles. As mentioned earlier, there are no more dull moments of nothing happening. At the least, they have been greatly reduced.

No More Button Mashing?

One of the easiest ways to win matches was to spam quick attacks. This often made for unfair and quick battles. Now that buffering has been introduced, button mashing might become an afterthought. Since buffering is now a big thing, it will be impossible to dodge after a certain attack has been buffered.

This is good, since it allows battles to be more strategic. No longer will players have to suffer through numerous quick attacks. Dodging now becomes essential, since buffering is a huge part of the game’s battles now. Trolls beware.

Will this Pokemon GO update be enough to lure back tired fans? We’ll have to wait and see. Some have already deleted the app since they feel that the game is a bit repetitive. Here is hoping new Pokemon are added soon. ?

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