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Pokemon GO Update: Niantic To Make GPS Spoofing And Cheating ‘Less Impactful’

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Pokemon GO Update
Source: The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded! video

Official Niantic representatives confirmed that they’re working on ways to make GPS spoofing and cheating “more difficult and less impactful” in Pokemon GO.  As of late, security and gameplay improvements can be felt and seen in Niantic’s Pokemon smartphone game.

As taken from NianticIndigo’s post on the SilphRoad subreddit, the official support team said they are committed to prevent cheating in Pokemon GO.  Future patches may be updated with more anti-cheating measures if this is the case.

Cheating Issues

Both GPS spoofing and other means of cheating have always been a large issue in Pokemon GO. GPS Spoofing is mostly used to access many PokeStops, catch Pokemon beyond one’s vicinity, and easily take down multiple Gyms. Meanwhile, other cheating issues through in-game glitches or third party programs can potentially break the game or anger their fan base depending on its scale. Fighting these issues can assure Pokemon GO some server stability and keep its fans satisfied.

Slight Success

Pokemon GO in its current build is now more responsive and has successfully blocked off a part of GPS Spoofers in its systems. Players with updated Android firmware won’t be able to spoof anymore as of Google’s new GPS-related systems. Pokemon GO now checks if this GPS system is active and will block the player until it is turned off.

However, this new feature doesn’t apply to players with older phones or on older Android versions. Those with rooted phones can also bypass the security systems. Niantic has previously promised to “lessen” Pokemon GO cheating cases as it is complicated to work on new features while keeping their regular players safe.

Potential Pokemon GO update

As far as the previous GPS Spoofing security countermeasures, Niantic’s obvious move could be blocking players with older Android firmware updates. However, this solution is too sweeping and could hit some of their regular players. We’ll have to wait on Niantic to announce their solutions toward Pokemon GO’s spoofing and cheating problems.

Pokemon GO’s current updates are still about Generation 2 Pokemon. No announcements have been made about new major features or Pokemon GO events. Fans can only wait for the next Pokemon GO update to know Niantic’s plan for new features and preventing cheats in Pokemon GO. Stay updated with more Pokemon GO update news here on The BitBag.

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