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Pokemon GO Update: Which Gen 2 Pokemon Will Come Next?

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Pokemon GO Update

Niantic is kicking off Pokemon GO gen 2 by slowly releasing the next set of Pokemon in the augmented reality title. We can now get the Baby Pokemon except for Tyrogue. According to Niantic, the other Pokemon are well on their way in the following months. Who should we expect to get when the next Pokemon GO update arrives?

The Starters

All Pokemon generations are represented by two types of Pokemon; the Legendaries and the starter Pokemon. It?s a bit odd that Niantic didn?t kick off Pokemon GO gen 2 by releasing the appropriate starters, but it?s now very likely that the three Pokemon will be spearheading the next Pokemon GO update. The three starters are Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita. When the next set of Pokemon arrives, it?s very likely that Niantic will introduce a different mechanic in getting the starters just as it did with the Baby Pokemon.

Gen 2 Evolutions

Another likely case is if Niantic releases the evolutions of a few gen 1 Pokemon first. There are quite a few gen 1 Pokemon with evolutions in gen 2 and they include Eevee, Chansey, Onyx, Slowpoke, Scyther, Zubat and a few other more. Since the gen 2 evolutions already had their pre-evolutions released in gen 1, players are likely to be carrying Candies for these specific Pokemon. If this is the case, then all players need to do is spend the appropriate amount of Candies to get the gen 2 evolutions.

Numerical Release

It?s also possible for Niantic to release the gen 2 Pokemon by the order in which they appear in the Pokedex. According to Niantic, gen 2 will release them in the following months, so it?s possible that the developer will introduce the next set of Pokemon by batches based on their Pokedex number.

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