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Pokemon GO Update: Gen 2 Pokemon Update to be Announced Next Week? Sprint, Starbucks Sponsoring Pokemon 2 Launch?

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Pokemon GO Update

Pokemon GO is certainly one game which has captured the interest of millions of gamers since it was first released. Players of the game though are constantly looking for something new to help them keep engaged in the game. Well, it appears that they are going to get their wish as it has been rumored that the Gen 2 Pokemon GO update could be announced as early as next week.

Generation 2 Pokemon Update Coming ?Soon?

Catching Pokemon in Pokemon GO is certainly very enjoyable. After a while though, gamers will get bored at seeing the same Pokemon again and again. This is the reason why many have been clamoring for more Pokemon to be added to the game. If the recent reports are correct, that Pokemon GO Gen 2 Pokemon update could be revealed by next week.

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According to Forbes, the Pokemon Company International and Niantic Labs are expected to reveal exciting details about ?the addition of more Pokemon to Pokemon GO.? This is surely the most exciting thing to happen to the game just yet.

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Pokemon GO Sponsorships

The rumors of more Pokemon being added has popped up in the past though no concrete details were revealed. But with the recent sponsorship news involving Pokemon GO, it was only a matter of time before Niantic Labs would release the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update. The same report cites that Sprint and Starbucks have entered into a partnership with the game which is surely more incentive for Niantic Labs to release the update.

If the rumblings are indeed correct, we could see over a hundred new Gen 2 Pokemon in the game very soon. This is certainly going to make Pokemon GO fanatics ecstatic and surely more people will be taking up the game once more.

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If you are a huge fan of Pokemon GO, be sure to check out the upcoming arrival of the Gen 2 Pokemon in the coming weeks. Also check back here soon to find out more news on the latest Pokemon GO update as well as on the other trending topics in the world of gaming.

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