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Pokemon GO Update: Gen 2 Pokemon Could Be Added In Clusters

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The Pokemon GO mania is still going strong as the augmented reality game continues to be a hit with gamers. While the game is very popular, keeping users engaged is another thing that Niantic Labs is focused on. This is the very reason why the game’s developers could add the much awaited Gen 2 Pokemon update in clusters.

Pokemon GO fans have been waiting a long time for the Gen 2 Pokemon to arrive in the game. There have been news of more Pokemon to be added to the game although Niantic Labs has not revealed when it will be. The developers have not likewise disclosed how they are going to go about it.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Pokemon Update

According to Express UK, one possibility is that the Gen 2 Pokemon update could be added in clusters. This will certainly be a wise move for Niantic Labs as it will keep Pokemon GO fans excited for what’s coming next.

Releasing all the Gen 2 Pokemon will cause a huge buzz but after a while it will also quiet down. Adding the Gen 2 Pokemon gradually in clusters will mean that users will have to stay tuned and continue playing the game longer.

Maintaining the active daily users in Pokemon GO is one mission that Niantic Labs is certainly focused on. The game, while very popular, does not have a lot of features which is why many stop playing after a while.

This is the very reason why Niantic Labs has created the recent Pokemon GO special events. The recent Halloween, Thanksgiving and Holiday special events really helped boost the number of users playing the game.

Right now, Pokemon GO fans are surely wondering what is going to happen next. Niantic Labs has to be thinking of new ways to help keep the players engaged, otherwise a drop in revenue is to be expected. Surely, the much awaited Gen 2 Pokemon update will be one of the things that the developers are working on.

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