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Pokemon GO Update: Game Code Reveals New Incense Types, Legendary Pokemon And Trading Coming Soon?

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Pokemon GO Update

Niantic has promised before that it will continue to improve their mobile game by adding new features to the game in the coming months through a Pokemon GO update. Players are obviously excited for the new features, as the recent additions to the game including Appraisals and Sightings were pretty neat add-ons.

A few players have managed to scour the game?s code, and Pokemon GO Hub reports that there are a few references to some features yet to be seen in the game that are likely to be introduced soon through a Pokemon GO update.

Pokemon Trading

The codes reveal a few references to trading: Trade_search, Trade_offer, Trade_response and Trade_result. The codes alone don?t reveal much about the upcoming feature, but it?s likely that trades will be done through local areas only as the Trade_search code hints at trades being done in close proximity only.

Legendary Pokemon

Fans are eagerly waiting for the Pokemon GO update that will finally add the Legendary Bird Trio and the Mew Duo to the game. The recent datamine doesn?t reveal the exact date of their launch, but it does confirm that the Legendaries exist one way or the other, as the code shows Activity_catch_legend_Pokemon. It might only be a matter of time before players get their hands on the much anticipated Legendary Pokemon.

New Type Of Incense

The codes also reveal that there may be new Incense types coming soon in the Pokemon GO update. The new types are Spicy, Cool and Floral. The names hint that the Incense will attract a specific Pokemon type. Spicy will be for Fire and possibly Electric. Cool will be for Water and Ice, while Floral will be for Grass and Bug types.

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