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Pokemon GO Update Finally Adds More Pokemon to Rural Areas

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Pokemon GO Update

Pokemon GO is certainly one of the most fun games to play wherever you are in the world. Catching Pokemon in the real world though is a lot more enjoyable if you are living in a big city. This is because more Pokemon are usually found in urban areas which is something people in rural areas have been complaining of. Luckily a recent Pokemon GO update could change this very soon.

The kinds and number of Pokemon that a trainer in Pokemon GO would encounter depends largely on the person?s location. Certain places does have a higher Pokemon spawn rate as compared to other locations.

Unfortunately for persons living in rural places, the spawn rates are a lot lower when compared to big cities.

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New Pokemon GO Update

Pokemon GO

Thankfully, it has been revealed that an upcoming Pokemon GO Update could add more Pokemon in rural locations according to a report from Polygon. This is surely a very big news to Pokemon GO trainers who are having a hard time finding a lot of Pokemon.

It is not a big mystery as to why there is a higher Pokemon spawn rate in ubran areas. More Pokemon would usually be concentrated in more densely populated areas. This leaves players in rural areas to contend with very few Pokemon sightings in their locations.

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Aside from lower Pokemon spawn rates, those in rural places also complain of very few Pokestops where they are. This makes it a little less enjoyable to play the game for Pokemon GO players in less populated areas. It also makes it a bit more difficult for them to level up in the game.

More Pokestops Coming Soon?

With the new update, it will make Pokemon GO a lot more fun to play for all players wherever they may be located. Hopefully this will only be the first step and that increasing the number of Pokestops in rural areas will be up next.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news about the upcoming Pokemon GO update as well as on other trending topics in the world of gaming.

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