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Pokemon GO Update: What To Expect In The Next Patch

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Niantic has a lot of work ahead of them after all the backlash it received with the update for their AR game a couple of days ago. The said update did a lot of things that didn?t sit well with Pokemon GO players, and on top of that, Niantic also took out PokeVision. After the company?s recent statement, it?s apparent that a patch is on the way, and fans have high hopes for it. Here?s what to expect in the next Pokemon GO update.

New And Improved Tracker

One of the biggest gripes players had with the recent update was that it took out the three-step feature in Pokemon Nearby and it ordered for PokeVision to be closed. Players are left tracker-less, and this doesn?t sit very well with them. It?s likely that Niantic is exerting all of its efforts into providing a new and improved tracker for the game, and fans may have to hold on till the next Pokemon GO update before they can play the game smoothly again.

Catch Rates And Spawns

After the Pokemon GO update, some players have been reporting that it?s significantly harder to catch Pokemon. Not only do PokeBalls fail frequently, but Pokemon flee often as well. Fans have been complaining about this after the update was implemented, and it?s possible that Niantic is preparing to bring back the catch rates from before. Another issue is that there is less variety of Pokemon in an area, so that?s something to look at as well.

Stable Servers

It?s been weeks since the launch of Pokemon GO, and surprisingly, servers are still often failing. This seems to be Niantic?s number one priority as of the moment as the developers have previously stated that they have shut down third party Pokemon locators in order to ease up the servers.

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