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Pokemon GO Update 0.61 And 1.31 Brings Excitement For Easter Event

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Players of Pokemon GO have a lot to be excited about as a new event is coming to Niantic’s augmented reality game. A new update for the game looks to ready the game for an Easter event coming pretty soon. Here’s everything that Pokemon GO update 0.61 for Android and 1.31 for iOS adds to the augmented reality game.

A post on the official website of Pokemon GO reveals the new update for the game that recently rolled out on Android and iOS. Players have a lot to be excited about as the upcoming data mines for the update could reveal what Niantic has in store for Easter. Niantic’s inclusions in the update are yet to be fully detailed, but the developer did reveal a gist of the expected changes coming in the Pokemon GO update.

  • Added Traditional Chinese language support.
  • Updated the Pokémon collection screen scroll bar.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Minor text fixes.

What players should be excited about is the “minor text fixes” part. Once The Silph Road’s data miners have done their work in the recent APK, then we might see what exactly the update brought to the game. Moreover, we might be seeing more hints about the future of the game as well.

There’s a big chance that Niantic might introduce a new holiday event and it could have something to do with Easter. We’ve yet to know what surprises Niantic has in store for the possible next event coming to Pokemon GO. However, there’s a chance that we’ll get to see what the surprises will be after the datamine which many are expecting to drop later this day.

Like past events, Niantic might give out bonuses for players who log in on the game during the events’ timeframe. The bonuses could include higher capture rates for Pokemon, more XP, more Candy, a ton of items. and even a chance to catch more Shinies like it did with the recent Water Festival.

Another reason to get hyped up about with the upcoming datamine for the APK after the Pokemon GO update is that it could have hints about the future content of the game. Data mines have revealed several features a few weeks before it officially became available. These include the gen 2 Pokemon and Shiny variants. Hopefully, the recent data mine brings in a lot of surprises as well.

Update: The SilphRoad has now datamined the latest update. While Niantic didn’t leave any Easter event hints in the game’s files, The SilphRoad states that the event may still happen.

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