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Pokemon GO Update: Pokemon Direct Could Reveal Gym Rework, Legendaries, And PvP

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There are three things expected to come soon in Pokemon GO: the PvP feature, Legendary Pokemon, and the anticipated Gym rework. The next major Pokemon GO update, could even feature two of the anticipated features in one go. With a Pokemon Direct coming soon, we could be seeing a major announcement from Niantic.

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo recently announced an eight-minute Pokemon Direct on June 6 at 7:00 a.m. PT/10:00 a.m. ET. The livestream is geared towards more Pokemon news and while fans are expecting Pokemon Stars to be announced, Pokemon GO players are hoping for the reveal of the next major update.

Last week, Niantic revealed that Legendary Pokemon and PvP will officially roll out this Summer. With Spring coming to an end this month, there’s a big chance the Pokemon Direct will give Niantic the spotlight. Additionally, Niantic still has a major feature promised for Spring.

Many are expecting the next major Pokemon GO update to come later this month, either during or after the Ice and Fire type event. The update could be for the Gym rework, which Niantic CEO John Hanke said would come in the Spring. We’ve yet to know what the Gym rework will bring to Pokemon GO but there are some speculating that the PvP feature will come along with it.

Since the start of Pokemon GO, players were already asking for a PvP feature in the game. Niantic then said that a PvP feature is indeed coming but no release date was given for it. Same with the Gym rework, Niantic never detailed exactly what the features will bring to the game.

The Gym rework is going to overhaul what many players consider as a dull combat system in Gym battles. With the Gym rework, Niantic might be looking to make the battles more fast paced and to do this, the developer might introduce PvP combat with the Gym rework.

It would be a whole lot of fun if players get the option to attack and defend Gyms in real time and it’s going to redefine the overall experience in Pokemon GO. Niantic can’t make PvP combat compulsory in attacking and defending Gyms though as it’ be hard for players to defend their Gyms from afar.

In one of the scenes from the reveal trailer of Pokemon GO, we get to see players battling on what seems to be a landmark that serves as a Pokemon GO Gym. This could be Niantic hinting early on that PvP and the Gyms will work hand in hand with each other.

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