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Pokemon GO Update Datamine Reveals PTC Improvements And Anti-Cheat Measures

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Pokemon GO Update
Source: The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded! video

Pokemon GO dataminers have found some content changes in the game’s update v0.63.4 APK. The new update apparently contains files to fix Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) log-in issues and added some anti-Pokemon GO cheating codes. Here’s what we know about the Pokemon GO update datamine.

Update v0.63.4

According to dronpes’ thread on the SilphRoad subreddit, the Pokemon GO update v0.63.4 contains two major updates, namely the PTC improvements and code that’s somehow related to each Android versions. Deeper details about these updates aren’t known yet.

Pokemon Trainer Club Update

The dataminers found that the PTC updates are about implementing new systems that’ll handle its log-in errors better. Some Pokemon GO players have their accounts tied to Pokemon Trainer Club. A part of this feature is somehow similar to the Unity game engine. However, the dataminers don’t have much information about the extent and effects of this update.

Anti-Cheat Preparation

Meanwhile, new code that has the names of the previous Android operating system versions can also be found in datamined Pokemon GO update v0.63.4 files. The dataminers aren’t sure what are these codes for but they could security measures against cheaters.

Niantic has been staunch on preventing players from cheating in Pokemon GO. Apparently, cheaters like GPS Spoofers still have their tools working when they play in older Android operating systems. However, the new updates are about the recent Android versions: Android Kitkat (4.4), Lollipop, (5.0), and Marshmallow (6.0). Niantic might’ve been adding new security features for the recent Android versions and fortifying it more to prevent cheating.

Cheaters in any online game tend to find ways to breach its security features. Pokemon GO is no exception to this. Due to being a highly social game, Pokemon GO will surely take a massive hit if their fans started hating the game if cheating became rampant.

More new content

Potentially, more details about the Pokemon GO update v0.63.4 might appear on the upcoming Pokemon Direct this June 6. Nintendo will hold a Pokemon-focused Nintendo Direct discussing the future of the franchise. We might hear Pokemon GO news in this show. If not, we still have Nintendo’s Treehouse presentations at E3 2017 for a chance to hear more more about the mobile game, albeit it’s already a week late than the patch’s release. Stay updated with more gaming news here on The Bitbag.

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