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Pokemon GO Update: Compensation For Wasted In-Game Items?

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO fans have been dealing with server issues and many other problems since the the game?s launch. Game developer Niantic has already assured fans several times that they are working on the issues. From high battery usage to inaccurate GPS locations and higher data usage, the game has caused a lot of trouble to players. Now that the company has promised to fix the game?s problems, fans have started demanding compensation for the loss they have suffered due to technical issues.

Many players around the world are playing Pokemon GO every day and encounter different Pokemon throughout their journey. Many users have started expressing their frustration about how they missed some Pokemon and other opportunities due to the server problems.

On a Reddit thread, a fan stated that Nintendo should compensate players in their update. The user suggests that the company should give away PokeBalls and Incense to players who got their items wasted.

The mobile game puts players in situations where they need to catch rare Pokemon with the resources they have. The game also features region-specific Pokemon, so the server issues were really annoying to those who invested their PokeBalls and Incense to catch the creatures. While catching some rare Pokemon, some fans experienced issues with the servers, and when they restarted the game, all their progress with those specific Pokemon was lost, and their PokeBalls and other in-game items were wasted.

Niantic has not released any official statement regarding their next Pokemon GO update, but the company is working on the issues, so there are chances that the developer will roll out an update anytime soon. The issues have already delayed the game?s global release as they have not only affected the current players, but those waiting for the game in Europe, Canada and other parts of the world.

According to a report, the game will be available in Europe and Asia ?in the next few days?. It would be interesting to see if Niantic rolls out a new Pokemon GO update by then to compensate fans who wasted their items.

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