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Pokemon GO Update: Christmas Event To Have Gift Boxes As Revealed In 0.51 Update Datamine

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Fans of the worldwide hit app Pokemon GO have been looking forward to more content this Christmas since the gen 2 Pokemon and Santa Pikachu update released. So far, we have bits and pieces of the would-be add-ons for the next Pokemon GO update. While Niantic has yet to announce any upcoming updates,?The Silph Road?has found several new Christmas-themed featured in the current version of the game.

We can look forward to a new store button design that is in line with the holiday spirit. It could be in the form of a Christmas gift box. It could possibly hint that a holiday-themed item is ready for purchase or to claim (hopefully the latter) when the shop logo button changes from the usual shopping bag icon to the holiday icon.

Another thing that we can anticipate is the six different gift boxes with different wrapping paper colors. The colors can be a hint for us as well. These colors could be related to what type of gift is inside it. There are a total of six gifts. This could mean that the gifts (one per day)?could possibly be given starting on the sixth day before Christmas day.

It’s still unknown what’s inside the presents. It could be something as common as a few Pokeballs and potions. It could be a specific type of Pokemon such as Jynx (since this Pokemon is an Ice/Psychic Pokemon) or Lapras. Let’s hope that we can get more of the latter as Christmas gifts.

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These are just some minor features that we can look forward to in the next?Pokemon GO update. Let’s hope that the items would be worthy enough to be called Pokemon GO Christmas treats. Also, let us still look forward that the Niantic team will still give a more exciting year-end update.

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