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Pokemon GO Update: Changes To Expect In The Next Patch

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Pokemon GO

It?s been awhile since Pokemon GO launched in certain parts of the world, and it?s already making Pokemon trainers out of thousands, if not millions, of players. Despite being a fun and light title, Niantic?s augmented reality game still has its flaws. The good thing is it?s still in its early stages, and the developer could change or fix anything wrong with the game. We don?t know when the next update will drop, but we can guess what it has in store for us. Here?s what to expect in the next Pokemon GO update.

Server Fixes

One of the current issues in the game, aside from the battery problems, is its server. Players are reporting that they can?t get in Pokemon GO due to the server being inaccessible. The problem with the servers is that too many players are in the game. Hopefully, Niantic upgrades their servers next time as more and more players could come rushing in the following weeks.

Pokemon Nearby

Pokemon Nearby is a very useful feature that helps players locate any nearby Pokemon. The problem with this feature is the data showing up is a bit late. For example, Pokemon that has despawned in an area will disappear in Pokemon Nearby only after a few minutes or so. Niantic might tweak this feature in the next Pokemon GO update to make it more reliable to players than it already is by giving data in real-time.


We?re still not informed of how Niantic plans on releasing the five Legendary Pokemon out in the open, and it?s likely that Niantic will first release an update to prepare the game before any Legendary Pokemon comes out. If this is the case, the Legendary Pokemon may indeed be made available only through special events. It?s also possible that the next Pokemon GO update would prepare the Legendaries since it?s already been a few days since the game launched.

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