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Pokemon GO Update: Changes Arriving in the Next Patch

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Pokemon GO

Niantic is consistently releasing new updates to its highly popular smartphone game, the Pokemon GO. The company is following a strategy of rolling out an update every two weeks. Hence, the next update is expected to arrive on Sept. 5.

Niantic had released the Pokemon GO on July 6 in countries like the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. On July 13, it had released updates to fix issues related to login and crashing. A minor update was rolled out on July 20.

The update that was released on July 30 marked the removal of footprints and brought ability to customize the avatar. On Aug. 8, it introduced the Sightings feature, brought the ability to modify nicknames and fixed problems related to battery saver mode.

The Pokemon Appraisal feature was added through Aug. 23 update.?Hence, speculations indicate that the next update will be arriving on Sept. 5. Niantic is pegged to add Pokemon trading feature in the next update.

Strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO

The update that arrived on Aug. 8 also brought an improved version of Nearby feature. However, the feature has been made available to limited number of users. Since Niantic is currently testing the new Nearby feature with limited users, rumors are rife that the feature will be made available to all the players in the upcoming update.

Rumors also indicate that the upcoming update may bring along the much awaited legendary Pokemon such as Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos to the game. However, other speculations indicate that the legendary Pokemon will be added through the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update that is expected to arrive in early 2017.

Pokemon GO is yet to be available in larger markets like China, India and South Korea. Pokemon GO enthusiasts are of the view that the legendary Pokemon will be introduced after the game is released in other regions.

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