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Pokemon GO Update Brings Sightings, Grass, New Nearby Tracker, Pink Paws: How Do They Work?

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Pokemon GO

Niantic has released a new Pokemon Go update with version number 1.3.0 for iOS users. The update with version number 0.33.0 has also been made available for Android users. ?The new Pokemon GO update brings a new feature called Sightings and an improved Nearby tracker for small number of users.

Pokemon GO Sightings

Pokemon GO Sightings is the new feature that has been introduced by Niantic in the new update. Since the company is currently testing the improved Nearby feature, it is only accessible to limited players.

Hence, some players may only see the Sightings feature when they access the Nearby pane whereas few others will notice that the Nearby pane has been modified to show two sections that Sightings and Nearby.

Pokemon GO New Nearby Tracker, Sightings

Pokemon GO Sightings allow players to view the Pokemon in their area. However, unlike the older Nearby feature, it is not filled with duplicates of the same species. A single image of a Pokemon with green glass behind it includes the other Pokemon from same species.

It can only show wild Pokemon and it does not display lured Pokemon. Here?s is what?s lacking in the new Sightings feature.

What Does the Green Grass indicate?

Pokemon that show on Sightings with green grass are the ones that are present within 200 meters of the player. Pokemon that move away from 200 meters range automatically disappears from the Sighting lists.

Pokemon that de-spawn are also removed from Sightings. Previously, in order to remove the de-spawned Pokemon, players had to restart the app. Now, the game refreshes every 10 seconds to show an updated Sightings list.? Pokemon that show up higher on the Sightings pane are the ones that are located closer to the player.

Pokemon GO Sightings

New Nearby Tracker And Pink Paws

Pink paws icon is visible to only those limited players who are able to access the improved Nearby tracker. The new tracker shows a list of Pokemon along with an image of a particular PokeStop. Tapping on the desired PokeStop will let players get more information on how to get there.

After tapping on a PokeStop, players can use the View button to get a map that will include a pink paw icon for the PokeStop. Players can use the map to move that PokeStop. Pokemon may not precisely show up at the PokeStop. However, players will be able to find Pokemon close to the PokeStop.

Pokemon GO New Nearby Tracker Pink Paws

If the Pokemon de-spawns before the player reaches the location, it will show up a notification that the Pokemon has moved away from the place. Players who?have used it have stated that the new Nearby trackers works accurately.

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