Pokemon GO Update: Ban Causes Pokemon Gyms To Open Up

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There have been a lot of rejoicing for Pokemon GO players of late. Especially the ones who have stuck to their guns and played the game fair and square. Reports have been flying in about Pokemon Gyms being left unattended as Niantic rolled out a series of Pokemon GO bans.

Prior to user bans, Niantic started getting rid of third-party apps that they think are damaging the image of the game. Immediately after that, Niantic game servers started experiencing a considerable drop in spatial queries per second. According to Niantic, the main point of the game is for users to leave the comfort of their own homes and catch Pokemon outside. Also, they want to instill interpersonal interaction within the game.

It seems that Niantic?s edict about making cheaters and hackers pay for their wrongdoings is finally hitting its mark. A lot of Pokemon Gyms are now becoming unoccupied since Niantic started banning cheaters. Those players who use GPS spoofing, Pokemon locators, calculators and other third-party apps have been stripped of their accounts. This resulted in gyms being left unoccupied or their levels taken down to level 1.

Even the Pokemon Gyms where trainers left eggs were also taken down.

Pokemon GO Rare Nest

For those who are unaware, in a normal sense of gameplay, the trainer can put a Pokemon inside a gym but not an egg. Putting a Pokemon inside a gym gives it protection from would-be attackers. However, if an egg is placed instead of a Pokemon, the game will crash. This hack basically allows trainers to lay claim of any Pokemon Gym indefinitely. Now that a huge number of players are being banned, those eggs are now gone.

In some cases, Gyms that are located in remote areas are being cleared out. This is especially the case if the owner lives hundreds of miles away from the said gym.

This decision from Niantic may be met with protests from a lot of users. However, for any claims, users can contact Niantic directly to submit a plea.

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