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Pokemon Go Update: Baby Pokemon to Replace Egg Hatching, Introduce PvP Battle System In December?

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Recently, Niantic is rolling out many updates to provide better experience for the players. Right from introducing New Gen 2 Pokemon, to increasing the number of hard to catch Lapras, the company is making headlines for rolling many updates for the highest grossing mobile app in the world.

In the latest Pokemon Go update, there are speculations that the company is planning to sweep the egg hatching system by introducing baby Pokemon in December. Now the players need not hatch the eggs anymore. Instead, they can catch baby Pikachu, Baby Clefairy, and many other baby Pokemon.

Baby Pokemon to Replace Hatching?

Along with introducing Next Gen Gold and Silver Pokemon, the company is also planning to introduce baby Pokemon. The company wanted players to enjoy a hassle free game without hatching eggs anymore.

According to the recent Pokemon Go update, the players can find more Pokemons in the world. The update is pointing towards baby Pokemon and they can evolve the babies afterward.

It even released some of the names of the baby Pokemon like Pichu a baby Pikachu, Cleffa a baby Clefairy, Magby a baby Magmar, Elekid a baby Electabuzz, Igglybuff a baby Jigglypuff, Smoochum a baby Jynx and many others.

Since Baby Pok?mon will be introduced, egg-hatching won?t make sense for the players anymore. The company reportedly wants to pull out egg hatching from the game which will be replaced by baby Pok?mon.


What is Player Vs Player Battle System?

Niantic also updated the daily bonus and quest for the players in order to maintain their interest in the game. Besides, the developers even wanted to get social with the latest Player Vs Player Battle system in the game.

With this update, the players are able to match their opponents with their Pokemon. Sort of like poke fights. This update will definitely go to increase the craze amongst the Pokemon catchers. Soon players might become Pokemon fighters rather than Pokemon catchers.

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