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Pokemon GO Update: Baby Pokemon, PvP, And Trading Features This December?

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What do babies, fighting and trading have in common? They could all be in the next major Pokemon GO update.

Once again, the team behind Pokemon GO has redeemed the game?s glory through their nonstop major Pokemon GO updates. It can be as small as adding a ?Do you want to exit Pokemon GO?? prompt or as big as the ?Lapras Event? in Japan or the Halloween event last month.

This is the reason fans are asking for even more major updates from Niantic. If these demands are not met, this might end the winning streak of Pokemon GO. That is why there are speculations that Niantic is planning to release an awesome Pokemon GO update next month.

Among the features speculated is the possible introduction of the much awaited ?Player versus Player (PvP) Battle System.? Players can have the freedom to battle against other players. This is a tremendous breakthrough from the previous gameplay where you can only battle in Gyms.

There are also rumors that the Generation 2 Pokemon will be introduced in the next Pokemon GO update. There might also be new baby Pokemon in the game. These cute and cuddly critters will reportedly replace the egg hatching system of the game. According to a report from Pokemon GO Hub, if a player receives a baby Pokemon, he can evolve it afterwards. You can click here to see?the list of possible Gen 2 egg chart that might be added in the game.

Some of the baby Pokemon that might be included in the update?are Pichu (a baby Pikachu), Cleffa (a baby Clefairy), Magby (a baby Magmar), Elekid (a baby Electabuzz), Igglypuff (a baby Jigglypuff), Smoochum (a baby Jynx) and Tyrogue (a baby Hitmonlee).

These are surely amazing possible ?Pokemon GO updates to look forward to. Whether the Niantic team will give them to us in one full go or one by one, it does not matter. The excitement and anticipation would still be the same. Let?s all cross our fingers that these would all come true.

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