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Pokemon GO Update: How To Avoid Pokemon GO Crashing After the Latest Update

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pokemon go crashing

If your Pokemon GO is continuously crashing and hanging during battles, then you are not alone. Hundreds of Pokemon GO?players have shared their Pokemon GO crashing problem on Reddit. Both the Android players and the iOS players were experiencing the same crashing and freezing scenario while battling.

As Android is an open platform, Android users will be able to get the early solutions for the problem when compared to iOS users. TheBitBag has worked to solve the problem as early as possible and here is the solution to avoid Pokemon GO crashing.

Pokemon GO Errors Preventing Players from Battles

Pokemon GO fans continuously shared their grief on social media. One of the writers expressed that his game kept closing itself without any warning. And one of the players didn?t figure out whether it is a new problem or an old one.

One Pokemon GO player described that he cannot throw a ball. Whenever he tried, the screen went unresponsive and he ends up wasting it. Some of the players are so fed up with the game that they literally stopped playing.

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pokemon go crashing

How to Avoid Pokemon GO?Crashing?

Along with problems, the players have even shared the solutions for the Pokemon GO community. ?One Android user shared that changing the data usage and GPS locator can solve the crashing problem. But this technique can work only for specific Android models.

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Another player shared that the players need to download the previous APK and roll back to update 0.49.1. The key takeaway is that Pokemon GO players are not able to find an exact solution of the crashing problem.

On the other hand, iPhone is a closed platform with limited resources available. Those who are catching Pokemon through their iPhone devices must have to wait for the next update from Niantic.

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