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Pokemon GO Update Brings Anti-Cheat Measures To Prepare For Raids

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Niantic is at the helm of an exodus against cheaters in Pokemon GO and the number of snipers and GPS spoofers are dwindling down each day. Since there are more features coming to the game, cheaters are more than likely to find a way around Niantic’s preventive measures. However, a recent Pokemon GO update is already preparing the game for cheaters once the Raids feature finally arrive.

The Silph Road’s recent datamine of the new APK after the Pokemon GO update revealed a lot of things regarding Niantic’s future plans for the game. Among these are new clues for the Raids feature and a new anti-cheat measure. The new anti-cheat measures come shortly after the new preventive measures Niantic Labs is taking against snipers.

The dataminers have discovered a new ‘fail’ code in the APK. Before the update, some of the fail codes were NOT_IN_RANGE, POKEMON_INVENTORY_FULL, and more. The new fail code is ENCOUNTER_BLOCKED_BY_ANTICHEAT. The Silph Road speculates that the new fail code is triggered when a capture attempt is made far from the starting location. Coincidentally, the datamine also features new codes regarding Raids.  The new codes pertain to “raid Pokemon,” although we’ve yet to know what this means exactly. Obviously, these are Pokemon that will star in Raids, but as for the actual Riads feature, we’ve yet to know how it will play out.

What we do know after the recent datamine is that players will gain extra XP when defeating a raid Pokemon as well as when giving it a Berry. Moreover, the datamine also reveals an interesting code; ACTIVITY_SEARCH_GYM but details regarding it a pretty slim.

It seems very likely that Niantic is implementing more and more preventive measures against cheaters because of the upcoming Raids feature. Before this, Niantic has already taken steps against GPS spoofers and snipers in the game. Those playing Pokemon GO fairly are benefiting from the recent steps as the playing field is now more even than ever. We can expect Niantic to fully take care of every cheater at the rate they’re going.

As for Raids, we’ve yet to fully understand how it will work. Based on what we’ve been seeing in the datamines of the Pokemon GO update, the feature might come later this year since there’s very little we’ve seen of it yet.

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