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Pokemon Go Update: 7th Pokemon Go Nest Migration is Here, Details Revealed

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Niantic is going to update the most popular mobile game with some major changes. The 7th Pokemon Go Nest Migration could be happening today. The major change can replace many Pokemon Go nests for its players.

One Reddit user hinted that the 7th Nest Migration started some on November 16. After increasing the spawn rate, the migrating nest is the next big gift from Niantic to its Pokemon Go players.

Details of 7th Pokemon Go Nest Migration

The new Pokemon Go nest migration will not introduce a nest change list, but the company can change the list after some time. The main reason for migrating the nest for the seventh time is the fact that each migration is proved to be random and Niantic makes changes randomly.

Pokemon Go nest migrations are considered as one of the key factors of the game. ?All the nests are converted into farms after reaching level 20. It offers a twist on the augmented reality game as most of the players are enjoying its concept. The company is making constant changes and updates that make the game easy and exciting for the players.

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What the player should do?

It is fun for the players to learn new tricks and twists with each and every update of the game. What?s a player to do with the nest migration is a tricky question running through the minds of every player. Pokemon Go players are advised to search the Global Nest Atlas. Global Nest Atlas will help trainers find info about their own local surroundings.

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The migration is proof that Niantic is dedicated to delivering the expected changes to its players. ?Many players wanted the company to introduce the buddy system and the company did it in order to fulfill their expectations. With the latest nest migration, players are celebrating Niantic?s huge thanks as a treat for playing the game.

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