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Pokemon GO Update: Game-Changing Events You Can Expect This 2017

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A new year has finally arrived. This means that a new set of Pokemon GO updates are on their way for the players to enjoy. Pokemon trainers can look forward to more Pokemon-themed holidays, large game events and many more.

Summer In Alola

First of, the possible upcoming Pokemon GO update for summer. Fans are already speculating that it will have summer-themed Pokemon. These include Pokemon-themed outfits such as Surfing Squirtle and Pikachu. There is also a possibility of Alolan versions of the first gen Pokemon in the game. 

Niantic can simply make it similar to the Santa hat Pikachu that was in line with the Christmas holiday event. They can also forego a cosmetic only summer-theme and make the Alolan Pokemon with a unique typing become available in the game, though it’s extremely unlikely. With this line of holiday-themed updates, we can look forward to more special edition memorabilia of themed Pokemon and their cute outfits.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon game director also previously teased a Pokemon GO connect feature. It’s possible those who own either versions of the game will get a special bonus.

Introducing More New Pokemon

There is also the possibility of even more gen 2 Pokemon releases this year. Since the last holiday event has introduced baby gen 2 Pokemon, the release of more gen 2 Pokemon will not be far behind.

Another thing to look forward to is the possibility of the three legendary Pokemon to have their debut. The release of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres has been much awaited since the game released. Mew and Mewtwo are also still absent in the game. Many have expected huge real events similar to the Mewtwo battle in the game’s first trailer

Players can also look forward to new nest migrations. There has always been a biweekly shift for Pokemon nests, which is helpful for those who are having difficulty in catching certain Pokemon. Once the shift happens, players can have a better chance in collecting more candies to evolve their Pokemon. 

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There’s also a lot more seasonal updates possibly coming this year. People can look forward to Valentine’s event, an April Fools themed celebration, and possibly more. Check out The BitBag for more updates and news on Pokemon GO.

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