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Pokemon GO Update 1.3.1 Now Available On iOS, Android Patch Coming Soon

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Pokemon GO Update

Niantic has released one more update on iOS for its mobile game, and the update is also coming on Android soon. The latest Pokemon GO update 1.3.1 is now available to download for Apple users; it follows the major 1.3.0 update which was released recently. With a small changelog suggesting stability improvements in Pokemon GO, the update doesn?t add any new feature but is more focused on addressing bugs.

Niantic has been actively addressing cheaters and problems within its own servers and codes. The company has released this recent update only for iOS users, while a patch for Android smartphones is expected to hit Google Play anytime soon. Niantic has not confirmed any official release date for Android, so it is better to let iOS users install the update first so that players on Android can get an idea on what?s included in it.

No significant reports have surfaced regarding the issues Pokemon GO update 1.3.1 addresses, but as the update is now live, we?ll soon be reporting about the changes this update brings. The change log shared by the game developer humorously stated that Niantic has not made any minor or major text changes in the game.

If the previous Pokemon GO update records are considered, some players might be hesitant to download this recent patch because some of the previous game updates were a nightmare for many fans. This new update hasn?t been detailed in the change log, but it might be better to update the game as it is only intended to fix the bugs in the app. It is more likely that the company has not removed major features this time.

Pokemon GO is currently plagued with many issues. However, the developer is trying its best to eliminate the problems, and it would be interesting to see how many bugs the new update 1.3.1 addresses this time.

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