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Pokemon GO Update 1.21.2 for iOS Could Possibly Include Pokemon GO for Apple Watch

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Pokemon GO Update

Pokemon GO has become one of the most played mobile games for 2016. It has become a huge hit for players using both Android and iOS devices. While many players are using smartphones to play the augmented reality game, Apple Watch owners are waiting for the update that will allow them to play Pokemon GO on their wearable device. The wait could soon be over as the Pokemon GO Update 1.21.2 for iOS may include the Pokemon GO for Apple Watch update.

Niantic Labs revealed earlier in the year that it plans to make Pokemon GO available to be played on the Apple Watch. The wearable tech has seen a huge spike in popularity and it will surely open up another way for gamers to enjoy Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO for Apple Watch

Earlier this month, Niantic Labs sent a tweet saying that the Pokemon GO for Apple Watch is coming soon. Recently though, Niantic again sent a tweet via the Pokemon GO App Twitter account stating ?Trainers, Pokemon GO is being updated to version 1.21.2 for iOS.?

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This has certainly captured the attention of many iOS users playing Pokemon GO. While Niantic was tight-lipped about the upcoming version 1.21.2 update for the iOS, there are speculation that it could be connected with the Pokemon GO for the Apple Watch.

Normally, Niantic Labs would release updates for both iOS and Android at the same time. In the case of version 1.21.1 though, it is only for iOS users.

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Pokemon GO for Apple Watch Coming Soon

There is no word yet from Niantic Labs as to when the Pokemon GO version 1.21.2 for iOS is going to go live. Certainly, Pokemon GO fans who have an Apple Watch are surely watching closely to see if the update will allow them to play on their wearable tech already.

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The Pokemon GO for Apple Watch update is coming very soon so all that players can do is just wait for an official announcement from Niantic Labs. Be sure to check back here soon to find out the latest news and updates on Pokemon GO as well as on the other trending topics in the world of gaming.


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