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Pokemon GO Update 1.0.3: Did It Fix Any Issues?

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Pokemon Go Update

Niantic has released the Pokemon GO update 1.0.3 on July 20, but it is not what fans want. While players are waiting for a fix for glitches and issues, Niantic released an update that makes minor changes in text. When the update was rolled out, Pokemon fans were assuming that it will fix major issues that have been plaguing users, but nothing has been addressed, and the update even caused the server to crash.

True to its patch notes, the update only brought minor fixes in the game. According to a user on Reddit, one of the fixes include changing the Rattata info medal from ?Caught X Rattata? to ?Caught X tiny Rattata.

Players started downloading the Pokemon GO update in hopes that the game?s problems would be fixed. Players of the mobile game have been dealing with several issues including the three footsteps bug that causes the nearby tracker to show every Pokemon are just three steps away. PokeBall freezing issues are also still bothering players. What?s worse, when the update arrived, the server issues increased. Fans believe that the new update was the cause.

The new update is available on iOS and Android. Fans joked that even if they still can?t get into the game?s server, at least the loading bar before getting in the game loads further before freezing.

Fans on Reddit are not happy with the changes. According to fans, Niantic is making the game worse with every update. The updates are not doing any good and instead are causing more trouble to players. A user stated that the update has even made it hard for him to log in back to the game.

Earlier this month, Niantic released a Pokemon GO update that was supposed to fix Trainer Club Account issues, but a majority of players reported problems with the patch. Now that the game is about to complete its first 20 days, rolling out this kind of ?Minor Text Fixes? seems illogical to many because everyone is waiting for the major bug fixes.


Some players have reportedly noticed a lot of improvements after the new update rolled out.?Some said the occurrence of the Pokeball freeze bug has lessened and lag has now been minimized. However, some are still saying that they haven’t noticed any improvements.

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