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Pokemon GO Update 0.53.2: New 200MB Android And iOS Patch Adds Korean Language, Fans Datamine APK

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The latest Pokemon GO update is not as big as the last patch. But nevertheless, the update brings good news for Korean gamers who are eager to play Pokemon GO once again. The app is now going to be available for South Korea.

According to a post from TheSilphRoad, the latest Pokemon GO update adds Korean language in the game. This further confirms that the next update will be mostly focused on the Korean release. Since South Korea was blocked from playing the game last year, this is definitely good news for everyone in the region. But this new update will be eating around 200MB in total of your device’s space, so better clear your memories to accommodate this update.

Previously, players speculated that the latest patch could add new codes for a possible update in the future. Based on the file size alone, some believe it could snuck in new Gen 2 content. However, the file has already datamined the APK. According to the moderator of The Silphroad, there were no new codes found in the APK. 

What Now?

There’s still a lot that can happen this month despite the latest patch not bringing any new content. The Niantic team might roll out a Chinese New Year event since the Lunar New Year is fast approaching. This would be the perfect time to start the Pokemon GO holiday event.

Since the game would be starting off their holiday event trend, we can look forward to more new events that the team from Niantic has in store for us. Hopefully they can include some of our “wishlist” in their upcoming events. We can expect to experience the likes of another batch of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holiday events. We can also look forward to the probability of the appearance of more Gen 2 Pokemon in the game soon.

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