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Pokemon GO Update 0.51.0 Adds Apple Watch Support

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ThePokemon GO update?0.51.0 has added support for the Apple Watch. An Apple Watch version of the game has been teased by Niantic and it might come sooner than expected. Since the update is for mobile devices, it seems like the Apple Watch version will have connective features with iPhones.

The?Silph Road discovered the Apple Watch support after looking at the game’s APK code. “Many new references to the watch ‘faces’ and interactions are showing,” the Silph Road wrote. “Code to sync KMs walked has appeared, along with a few other tie-ins to the main app (e.g. the Pokedex)… The main app will ‘know’ when a watch is paired with the app, and appears to be able to push notifications to the watch.”

While not a lot details have been revealed about this new version of the game, it does merit discussion. This is great news for those that purchased the device since the game does fit it well.

How Will It Play?

Now that the Pokemon GO update has unveiled a new Apple Watch version, fans are wondering how it plays. The screen of the watch is quite small and might make it difficult for players who are used to the smartphone/tablet version. Seems like Niantic isn’t ready to divulge any more details about the game’s new home, but we should find out soon.

If paired with an iPhone, it might work like a Pokemon GO Plus. Players can use the Apple Watch to find Pokemon and actually catch them with the iPhone or iPad. Pairing up the devices will also let the Apple Watch version of the game receive the same updates, so this could hint at progress transferring as well.

What Else Is In The Update?

Mobile gamers that have no interest in the Apple Watch are probably wondering what the Pokemon GO update has for them. Fortunately, it’s a number of things, though they don’t really change the game. We will finally see the game’s day and night features match up with real life, which is a decent feature.

Those who want more customization features will be happy to know that they can change their gloves and socks soon. They?re not exactly innovative material, but at least the option to change it is there. Support has also been added for Shiny Pokemon and genders.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices. It seems like the game will be coming to the Apple Watch fairly soon

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