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Pokemon GO Update: PokeVision Shut Down Along With Other Pokemon Tracking Sites

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In the last week, the founder of Niantic, John Hanke, had warned that the Pokemon tracking sites that are being used by players of Pokemon GO will no longer work. It seems that the company has taken action against various Pokemon tracking sites such as PokeVision and PokeHound.

Pokemon GO?s latest update that install version 0.30 axes the Nearby feature that helps in determining how far Pokemon are through the number of their footprints. The reason behind the removal of the feature is that the players had been complaining that it was unable to show Pokemon that were nearby.

Since the Nearby feature was not working, players resorted to using various Pokemon GO cheat sites, and PokeVision was one of those sites that not only shows the exact location of Pokemon but also reveals how long a Pokemon would remain at a certain place.

The official website of PokeVision displays the message ?our services are currently unavailable.? On Twitter, it says that ?at this moment, we are respecting Niantic and Nintendo?s wishes.??The PokeHound website has also stopped Pokemon tracking.

Pokemon GO Pokevision

Even though Pokemon tracking sites like PokeVision and PokeHound provided a convenient way to find Pokemon through maps, using such services resulted in the violation of Terms and Services of the Pokemon GO. Niantic has been reportedly sending cease and desist letters to owners of third party Pokemon tracking sites for unauthorized hacking of Pokemon GO.

After the release of the new update, there is no way to track Pokemon that are in the vicinity and players have to wander aimlessly to find them. On Twitter, several players have expressed their frustration as finding Pokemon have become all the more difficult.

However, Pokemon GO players can still continue to use PokeRadar that can help in finding Pokemon. It displays a map where different types of Pokemon were already caught by the players. Some of the other alternatives include PokeMap and PokeMap Live.

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