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Pokemon GO Update 0.31 Removes Footprints Of Nearby Pokemon, Battery Saving Mode; Should You Update?

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Pokemon GO

The latest update with version number 0.31 is now available for Pokemon GO on Android and iOS devices. Niantic has also released a list of improvements and bug fixes that are available with the new version.

Niantic has been releasing regular updates for its previous game, Ingress, and it had recently confirmed that it will be releasing bi-weekly updates for Pokemon GO to deliver a better gaming experience. Niantic had rolled out Pokemon GO version 0.29 10 days ago and now it has released version 0.31 on Google Play Store (for Android) and Apple App Store (for iOS).

The changelog of the version 0.31 reveals the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • ????????Avatars can now be re-customized from the Trainer profile screen.
  • ????????Adjusted battle move damage values for some Pok?mon.
  • ????????Refined certain Gym animations.
  • ????????Improved memory issues.
  • ????????Removed footprints of nearby Pok?mon.
  • ????????Modified battle damage calculation.
  • ????????Various bug fixes during wild Pok?mon encounter.
  • ????????Updated Pok?mon details screen.
  • ????????Updated achievement medal images.
  • ????????Fixed issues with displaying certain map features.
  • ????????Minor text fixes.

Pokemon GO

The size of the update is 59.92MB. Even though the new version can be downloaded from aforementioned app stores, its APK file is also available with APK Mirror.

In the previous week, John Hanke, the founder of Niantic, had announced at the Comic-Con event in San Deigo that the company would soon be introducing the Pokemon GO trading feature. However, the latest 0.30 version did not include Pokemon trading.

One of the improvements that may annoy players is ?removing footprints of nearby Pokemon.? The Nearby feature of the game allowed players to catch Pokemon by seeing the number of footprints next to their names. In the recent past, many players complained that the feature was not working properly. Hence, the developer has removed it in the latest update.

The battery saver mode of Pokemon GO on iOS has also been axed. The feature dimmed the display when the smartphone is kept upside down while the game was running. However, players had reported that since they were unable to come out of the dimming power saving mode, they had to restart their phones several times.

The new update has improved loading speed and UI performance significantly. It is likely that Niantic may fix the issues associated with the Nearby and battery saving mode features and relaunch them in the forthcoming updates.

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