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Pokemon GO: Upcoming Features To Make Game Exciting After You Reach Level 20 & Get Bored

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Pokemon GO

Niantic recently rolled out a new update to its virally popular augmented reality game Pokemon GO on both Android and iOS platforms. The move seems to have backfired upon the developers as fans are furious over the latest update.

Apparently the new Pokemon Go updates have removed the three-footstep tracker feature and also shut down several third-party maps-based services that would help players track Pokemon on the map.

Likewise, catching Pokemon is lot harder now as players may end up wasting more Pokeballs on monsters, even low-CP ones. It even becomes much more difficult to catch the Pokemon as the players progress to higher level.

So certainly the anger of users directed at Niantic is quite understandable. However, Niantic is well intentioned towards fans with their new update as it makes Pokemon GO much more exciting for new users as well the old players.

The gameplay of this augmented reality was built around the timers that need to expire in order for players to gain benefits. However, the so called Pokemon bots had made it difficult for people to enjoy the game as people tended to reach at higher levels faster. The bots made it easier for people to pick up all the items at Pokestops in addition to capturing all the Pokemon.

Now with the disabling of Pokemon in-built apps, it gives players enough time to focus on the mid game which ceases to exist once players reach level 20. It becomes rather boring to ?catch them all? after players reach the end so now the gameplay will be particularly entertaining to new players.

Upcoming Updates

In addition, Niantic is said to be working on few additional functions for Pok?mon GO, reports It will allow customization of Pok?Stops for operation among friends and teammates as well give you the ability to mod Pok?Stops. There is as well addition of new, rare types of Pok?mon that have thus far been absent from the game comes.

Next, up in update will be Team Leaders?captains of Teams Valor, Mystic, and Instinct, may operate a bit like the gym leaders we knew in the traditional Pok?mon games. Valor will be led by a character named Candela, Mystic by Blanche, and Instinct by Spark.

The most exciting feature of all is the option to trade Pok?mon, which will soon be implemented into Pok?mon GO. So players longer will have to go far flung places to snag those rare species exclusive monsters relative to certain flora and fauna.

Brazil Launch

Meanwhile Pokemon Go is now live in South America, just in time for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Niantic Labs announced that the mobile game is now live in both Central and South America, meaning that Olympic athletes from around the world can play the game.

In a short Facebook post, Niantic also gave fans a few updates about the game, including the missing battery saver feature. The most recent update removed the battery saver feature from the iOS version of the game, as it was buggy for some users. Niantic assured players they were working on a solution to the battery saver issues and that the feature should be return in a few days.

Here’s a full list of changes the new update makes:

  • Avatars can now be re-customized from the Trainer profile screen
  • Adjusted battle move damage values for some Pok?mon
  • Refined certain Gym animations
  • Improved memory issues
  • Removed footprints of nearby Pok?mon
  • Modified battle damage calculation
  • Various bug fixes during wild Pok?mon encounter
  • Updated Pok?mon details screen
  • Updated achievement medal images
  • Fixed issues with displaying certain map features
  • Minor text fixes

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