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Pokemon GO UK Release Today? Fan Trolls Thousands Of Users

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The wait for the Pokemon GO UK release is on the rise. Players in Europe are still waiting for the official announcement, but a Pokemon fan has trolled thousands of people, saying that the game will be released in the UK today. Such trolls are taking over the Internet and causing frustration among people who are eagerly waiting to catch Pokemon in real life.

Developed by Niantic Labs and Nintendo, the augmented reality game is currently a worldwide hit. Despite being plagued by problems, the game is still being awaited by fans in Europe. The release rumors have been on the rise, but a post on Pokemon GO Reddit thread recently caught the attention of many, as a fan said that the game will be released in the UK in 30 minutes. Later the post was marked private, and it turned out that the whole announcement was fake.

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According to the post description, it was an administrational mistake. The description later stated that an account of a moderator was compromised. The fake information initially made fans believe that the game is coming, but the clarifications ultimately brought disappointment. Because of this, some fans shared their interest in downloading the APK files available from various sources which allow players to download the game regardless of their region.

However, reports suggest that there are currently many compromised APK files available over the Internet. Some of these files contain a virus and other malicious codes that can be harmful for devices. Niantic has also already said that players in countries where the game is not available yet will have to wait until the developer fixes all the issues.

Despite this, the highly anticipated game is already being played by many people around the world. Players have been sharing their experiences and are curiously searching the Web to know more about Pokemon GO. For those looking for answers such as which team to join, how to catch some specific Pokemon, how to hatch eggs, and how to play the game while you are at home, TheBitBag has your back.

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