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Pokemon GO UK Release Next As Game Launches In Germany?

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO has stepped into Europe. After Germany, it seems that the game?s next stop will be other European countries. Nintendo launched the game last week, but it has been delaying the release for UK and other countries. As the game is already available in Germany, it is possible that the company has started the international roll-out, and other regions will get it very soon.

Players in Germany are now enjoying Pokemon GO before anyone else in Europe. Though many Pokemon fans across Europe may have already been playing the game through the APK, the official launch would definitely bring more players on board. As the game has hit Germany, players in the country will undoubtedly secure gyms before others.

The augmented reality game is taking over the world, and soon we?ll be seeing people in Europe roaming with their phones in hand. The German release is a strong indication that Niantic?s game will soon be available in other parts of the region. A report this week said that Niantic will launch the game in Europe in the ?next few days?, so it might probably be available in UK as well as other European countries before the week ends.

Catching Pokemon is fun, but for some players in Germany, the experience was not so good. Some Pokemon GO players apparently visited Berlin?s Holocaust memorial, which was built to honor the murdered Jews in the European region. Players were found catching Pokemon there as the memorial site was reportedly completely packed with Pokemon. However, the memorial wants players to stay away from the property because they find the activities unsuitable, The Local reported.

No matter how people react to it, the mobile game is already a huge success in the US. It has become one of the most downloaded games today, and Nintendo?s business has also increased in the last few days. The company is also apparently planning to promote Pokemon GO with McDonald?s. Developer Niantic has also released the first update to fix the Trainer Club account login issues. All these news indicate that there is a strong possibility that the game would be launched in other European countries anytime soon.

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