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Pokemon GO Twitch: Cheaters Will Now Get Banned

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It seems like Niantic has just laid down the law when it comes to cheating in Pokemon GO. For weeks, there have been players who used GPS spoofing to get an advantage over others in the hit mobile game and shared their progress on Twitch. After weeks of abuse, it seems like the developers have had enough and have announced what will happen to those who continue to cheat.

In a statement on Twitch, it was announced that anyone who has been GPS spoofing in the mobile game will get a strike on their Twitch account. Twitch users currently cheating has to stop; otherwise, they could get banned from the popular streaming site.

While some might wonder why anyone would share how they cheat in Pokemon GO, it has actually run rampant on Twitch for quite some time. One Reddit user has taken pictures of a number of Twitch users who have obviously been GPS spoofing or using apps from other third party developers, which Niantic had declared illegal previously.

Considering the amount of Twitch users that have cheated in the mobile game, it’s safe to assume that we won’t be seeing them after today. While they could always stop GPS spoofing and take down their videos, the fact that they did cheat and use third party apps might be enough for Niantic to ban them from the hit mobile game, along with Twitch Tv.

Cheating in Pokemon GO can lead to a ban from the game and Twitch TV.

Why anyone would cheat to get ahead in the mobile game is odd, since it’s supposed to be about going out and socializing with other Trainers. Catching other Pokemon and taking over Gyms is obviously the main goal, but using GPS spoofing to get ahead of others is sad and almost pathetic. A couple of players have already caught all Pokemon in the current build of the game and they did it without resorting to cheating.

Pokemon GO is now available in a wide variety of countries. It’s clear that the game is almost available worldwide, so anyone can join in on the fun. The mobile title is available on both iOS and Android devices. ?

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