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Pokemon GO Tweets Soulja Boy & Jimmy Kimmel, Frustrates Fans

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Pokemon Go

Niantic?s Pokemon GO is full of bugs and technical issues, but the company isn?t communicating with fans. What fans want from developer Niantic Labs is an assurance that they will solve the problems, but the company is keeping silent and barely giving any new updates on its social media account. However, just when the official Twitter account of Niantic Labs tweeted something, the account replied to celebrities. Niantic?s recent replies to American rapper Soulja Boy and tv host Jimmy Kimmel have sparked anger among players, and some fans are thinking about giving up on the game until Niantic fixes the issues.

Pokemon GO players have been tolerating the problems in the new game since its launch, and they believe the company already had a reasonable amount of time to work on the issues. A number of problematic issues is plaguing the game and fans are already tired as they can?t play the title as intended. Fans have already stated that the support team is not even answering their requests, which is why the recent tweets have fueled frustration among players.

In reply to one of the abovementioned tweets, a player responded, ?Oh, so you can hit up @souljaboy but not address the issues on your game. Cool cool. I see.? Many players also share the same reaction and sentiment.

Niantic has already broken stock market records and have seen tremendous growth in sales when Pokemon GO launched, but players are not happy with the company?s silence on the game?s issues. From refusing to address the three step bugs and freezing issues and providing unnecessary updates, Niantic?s actions in the last few days have caused a lot of frustration among fans. Players on different media channels including Reddit and Twitter have expressed their anger against Niantic.

The game will soon complete its 20 days after its public launch, but the list of issues and problems is increasing rapidly as the players progress through the game. Hopefully, Niantic will solve the issues soon, as the company is also aiming to launch the game worldwide. Until then, fans are using many tricks, cheats and guides to play the game.

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