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Pok?mon GO Trumps Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram Within a Week of Release

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Pokemon GO

Pok?mon GO, the new?augmented reality game, mixes real and virtual world elements to bring the magic to the fore. The original Pok?mon game worked with handheld consoles, while this one is a free download for both Google?s Android and Apple?s iOS devices.

What is Pok?mon GO? This game offers “trainers” that travel across the length and breadth of the world in order to catch a slew of monsters dubbed the Pok?mon. This includes weird colorful creatures, and the varieties we humans are familiar with like rats, and folklore like fire-breathing dragons, among others. ?The trainer?s ultimate goal is to capture all the creatures mentioned above. This is the game taking the world by storm.

While this?game will be launched across the globe soon, people in three countries namely the U.S., Australia and New Zealand have already gotten hooked to their handsets, and causing mayhem on the streets.

The silver lining is that the Pok?mon GO addicts are getting an insane amount of exercise as they are walking around, finding new places and famous landmarks to catch them (creatures) all.

Meanwhile, the reality is that the Pok?mon GO app has reportedly beaten Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat, among others, one by one from the time it got released last week. The research firm?SimilarWeb has collated the stats showing the usage time of the aforementioned apps by accounting for the average number of minutes individual players spend to catch the Pok?mons. However, these stats are limited to the U.S. Android users.

According to the data shared by?Graphiq, the average time spent playing Pok?mon GO on a per day basis is 43 minutes. This app is followed by WhatsApp with 30 minutes, Instagram with 25 minutes, Snapchat with 23 minutes and Facebook Messenger with roughly 12 minutes.

Not to forget, Google Play placed this app at the top spot beating out other famous games. Clearly,?Pok?mon GO?has taken over the world, thanks to Augmented Reality.

Here?s the chart detailing the daily usage per networking site:

Pokemon Go vs Other Apps (Credit: Graphiq)

Pokemon Go vs. Other Apps (Credit: Graphiq)

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