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Pokemon GO Tricks: How To Prevent Throwing Curveballs And Catch Pokemon Easily

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Pokemon fans have already found a lot of tricks to progress quickly in Pokemon GO. The game requires players to throw Pokeballs to catch the Pokemon they encounter. Players can throw Curveballs to catch Pokemon in order to acquire more rewards, but some use it unintentionally, causing players to waste a lot of Pokeballls to catch a single creature. However, a user has found a unique way to ensure catching of Pokemon easily without accidentally throwing a Curveball.

By following the techniques, players can simply prevent Curveballs in Pokemon GO. A fan on Reddit suggests that this can be done by a single mobile app. An application that allows users to record assistive touch can do the job. The user suggested the app called Easy Touch, which is available on Android and iOS platforms. To record your touch motion, go to Settings and then move to General option. Select the Accessibility tab and choose ?Create a new gesture? to start recording.

The best thing about the application is it records your motion speed as well. The gesture and speed can be recorded depending on the shots you want to make. The player suggests recording multiple motions depending on the distance you want to cover with your shots.

Whenever you?re ready to throw the balls, you can simply turn on the assistive touch mode and touch the Pokeball to throw. Players can simply enable and disable the option by hitting the Home button thrice.

The trick is really effective and can save you a lot of Pokeballs. It remains to be seen if Niantic will consider using this third party application in Pokemon GO as a form of cheating. While some will use this app in order to catch Pokemon easily, others will utilize the app in order to avoid something they don?t intend to do.

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