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Pokemon GO: Trick To Catch High CP Pokemon Easily

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Pokemon GO

Combat Points or CP matter in Pokemon GO when you jump into battles as it is the average strength of a Pokemon. However, catching Pokemon with high CP is difficult. Thankfully, there?s a trick to catch high CP Pokemon easily and quickly without wasting Poke Balls. A player claims that he caught high CP Pokemon by simply throwing Poke Balls while the Pokemon was showing a ?happy gesture.?

A player on Reddit claims that he has tried the trick to catch high CP Pokemon and it was really easy for him to catch them with just a single Poke Ball throw. According to him, he tried this method on several Pokemon including Growlithe and Squirtle. Other players also supported his claims and said that they are now able to catch high CP Pokemon or rare Pokemon easily with this simple trick.

Those who have tested the method said that the Pokemon show a peace sign and happy gestures once you?re near it. Even if they show aggression, you can hold the Poke Ball until they get into a normal state. Throwing the ball just after that moment highly increases your chance to capture it. It looks like it has worked for many players, and by using this trick, one can easily save lots of Poke Balls.

Pokemon GO features many different creatures and they have different gestures. According to players, some Pokemon jump, while others start shaking their fur. No matter what happy gesture the Pokemon shows, it is important to hit them immediately with a Poke Ball to make the trick work for you.

Poke Balls is essential in Pokemon GO as you won?t be able to capture wild Pokemon without one. Those who live far away from PokeStops will need to use their Poke Balls wisely. There are also many ways to increase the accuracy of your throws, and doubling it with this trick will surely help you catch the Pokemon in one shot. So if you?re looking for ways to capture high CP Pokemon easily, this trick is worth trying.

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